Use Safari or Internet Explorer (Embedding the tour does not seem to work well with Firefox)

1.Open Google Earth and create a new folder under “Places” for your tour
2. Make sure all your placemarks are in the folder
3. Save your tour.
4. Right click (Mac -Control Click ) on your tour folder in your Places column and “Save Place As”
5. Name your tour and save it as a .kmz file on your desktop or document folder
6. Open up Internet Explorer or Safari and go to your wiki or blog
7. Upload your tour (.kmz file) folder to your wiki or blog serve There are a few ways to do this. It depends on your website



8. Double click on your file and it will appear in your wiki page
9. On your wiki page, put your cursor on the .kmz file and right click (click “Control” on the Mac)
10. Go to “Copy Link Location”


11. Go back to your web browser Safari and go to
The google “Embedded Tour Gadget”


12. Paste the copied link from your wiki into the KML URL (should contain a Tour) box
13. Type in a name for your tour and Click the settings you want
14. Click on “Get the Code”

15. Copy that code and go back to your wiki
16. Click on the “Widget” tool

17. Go to Other HTML and paste the code in.


18. Save