Vocabulary.com offers hundreds of vocabulary practice lists and activities for students in elementary school through graduate school. In all there are more than 40,000 questions available through Vocabulary.com

Vocabulary Spelling City.com

crosswords, puzzles, spelling tests, learning activities etc.

Resources for Teaching Reading with Technology

60 Second Recap

This is a great resource for Lit classrooms. The site provides videos of important aspects of the book such as Overview, Context, Plt, Characters, themes, motif, symbolism, and conclusion.


BibMe is a free automatic bibliography generator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. BibMe leverages databases provided by Amazon, FindArticles, Yahoo! News, and CiteULike to quickly and accurately AutoFill citation information for you. BibMe will then format the citation information according to the rules and guidelines of the style guides. If you prefer, you can enter your citation information manually. BibMe also contains a quick citation guide to show students the correct syntax for citing in various formats.


Shmoop says it will make you a better lover (of literature, history, life). You will see many sides to the argument. Find your writing groove. Understand how lit and history are relevant today. Shmoop want to show your brain a good time.Shmoop holds itself to the highest academic standards and cite their sources. Shmoop content is written primarily by Ph.D. and Masters students from top universities, like Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale. The head of our Literature team is a published author who studied at Stanford, Oxford, and USC Film School. The head of our History team is a Ph.D. in History and an award-winning teacher at Stanford. It is inn Beta form.



inklewriter is a free tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. It’s perfect for writers who want to try out interactivity, but also for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing.


Storybird is a free collaborative storytelling tool. It is aimed at allowing children to work with parents and friends in creating art inspired stories to share and save. Teachers can add students to their class securely and manage them. Users choose from art hosted on the site and build a story around those images that can then be shared with family and friends. Storybird encourages creativity and is a web tool that teaches skills necessary for working collaboratively.
For training videos on Storybird go to http://vimeo.com/search/videos/search:storybird/ea8c8d01

Writing with Writers

At the Scholastic.com Writing With Writers Web site, students can e-mail their work to professional writers, who will comment on it. Guides students through different kinds of writing. Students work with authors, editors, and illustrators in workshops designed to guide them into developing their skills. There are teacher guides and related booklists.

My StoryMaker

From the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh, My StoryMaker lets students create their own stories that are archived for 30 days. Once created, a story is saved as a PDF and can be exported to a computer for permanent access. Students can play with characters, shapes, colors, movement, and sentences. Because users can’t edit a story after it is created,it is recommended that students map out their stories before creating them online. It’s particularly popular with first and second grade students.


Aesop's Fables

collection of fables (some with audio)

Awesome Stories

Pictures, slideshows, video, audio clips, documents and other primary sources

Making Bibliographies


Create and save bibliographies with citation guide

Digital StoryTelling


Click on K-12
This is a paid site (as a secure site) but is excellent for all subject areas. Ed.VoiceThread is a web-based communications network for K-12 students and educators. Simple, powerful and safe, Ed.VoiceThread is a place for creating and collaborating on digital stories and documentaries, practicing and documenting language skills, exploring geography and culture, solving math problems, or simply finding and honing student voices

Center for Digital Story Telling

The Center for Digital Storytelling is an international not-for-profit community arts organization rooted in the craft of personal storytelling. They asses youth and adults around the world in using media tools to share, record, and value stories from their lives, in ways that promote artistic expression, health and well being, and justice.